Our Advantages

Battery OEM&ODM service welcomed

Based on customer's requirements, engineering team selected the cells, designed the BMS, packed the cells, performed the tests. We satisfy our clients with turn-key solutions.

Custom Made battery pack with LG/Samsung/Sanyo/Panasonic/Sony battery cell.100% Authentic Guarantee.

Please contact us for FREE quote with your battery pack projects. 

Our Advantages

Timely delivery: At PLM we understand that one of the most important demands of our customer’s is being punctual. We care our delivery progress as much as our quality.

Best quality: Guaranteeing products that are of best quality is our foremost priority. This is the reason we always choose to invest in high-technology solutions in our R&D center.

Special products: Including the world's thinnest power bank, PLM offers a wide range of finest products to meet the evolving customer needs and demands.

Excellent customer service: One recurring concern that our clients share with us is the need for reliable customer service experience and we do take care of any inquiries both before and after sales.

R&D Support

As a professional manufacturer there are about 30 engineers in PLM R&D team including 5 PHD , 10 MFD and 15 Bachelors. About 30 unit Automatic production equipment ,25 nubit Semi-automatic equipment and 8 production lines in our factory.